About JCS Digital

My journey into Digital Marketing

My digital marketing journey started a decade ago, in December 2011. Since then, I've worked in a wide variety of industries and environments. In November 2016, I took my services freelance.
JCS Digital

My Thesis

My thesis is not built around a single marketing platform or strategy. Almost all marketing platforms can work when the campaign is carefully planned, executed and optimised. With that said, some platforms are inherently more cost-effective than others. I like marketing on Google because users are searching with intent, and I believe this results in the best conversion rates and minimal wasted spending.
JCS Digital Experience
9 Years Experience
I beleive hands-on experience is in-valuable in this industry. Since 2011 I've run hundreds of successful PPC campaigns, grown website's traffic using SEO and invested my own money on Facebook and Instagram ads.
Personalised Service
Results-Driven Strategy
I'm not here to hard-sell you on a the best platform or strategy. I wan't to work with you to create a digital marketing strategy that breeds results. Whether that's using SEO, PPC or Social Media.
Client Retention
High Client Retention
I've been working with some of my clients for over 3 years now. I've built fantastic relationships with a variety of local and national businesses. As much as I love project work, it is the long-term clients that boast the greatest results.

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