Financial Services - Google Ads Management

Financial Services 1 Case Study Image

The Challenge

This client was keen to drive online lead generation using Google Ads.

Prior to managing the account, the client had little visibility on the success of the campaign. Conversion tracking wasn’t installed and they we’re relying purely on internal data to measure success.

They not only wanted me to improve the performance of their campaigns, but also set up the infrastructure around it to effectively measure success.

The Results

In 12 weeks I was able to move the campaigns from receiving 138 conversions at a CPL of £16.16 to (at the peak) receiving 260 conversions at a CPL of £8.49 whilst spend keeping spend the same.

I did this by taking control of search terms and integrating negative keywords to remove irrelevant clicks, altering bid strategies, placing more budget into best converting times of the day/week and of course, frequent optimisation of ad text to maximise click-through and conversion rates.

47% reduction in CPL
88% increase in leads generated