Financial Services - Google Ads Management

Financial Services - PPC Case Study

The Challenge

This client was keen to drive both online lead generation and in-store visits post-lockdown.

When I began managing this account in Mid-April, the client was spending just over £2,000/month but was keen to increase spend if results allowed it.

They were receiving around 25 leads per month @ £87.74 CPL.

Their CTR was at 1.87% and their Average CPC was £2.17. The impression share was 69.48%.

The Results

In just 3 months of working together I was able to reduce the CPL from £87.74 to £15.92.

As a result, the client was able to invest more into Google Ads and increase the amount of leads they were generating. In July we generated 443 leads from a £7,006.93 investment.

In addition, I was able to reduce average CPC from £2.17 to £0.96 and increase CTR from 1.87% to 16.27%.

81% reduction in CPL
1,672% increase in leads generated