Freelance PPC Management

Get Instant Results with Freelance Google Ads Management

Paid advertising via Google Ads (PPC) is a fantastic way to see instant results for your business. Your website gets exposure from the moment you launch a campaign which can result in leads and sales for your business.
  • Having run thousands of PPC campaigns, I have the tools and experience to maximise your ROI.
  • I manage budgets of all shapes and sizes, from £500/month to £25,000/month. Regardless of your advertising spend, I'll ensure your campaigns are handled with the upmost meticulousness.
Campaign planning
Proper planning and keyword research is integral to the success of a PPC campaign. All Google Ads campaigns that I create are subject to a meticulous planning process.
Client Retention
Campaign build
Well structured PPC campaigns will not only result in better conversion rates, but they can reduce your CPC. The diligent division of keywords will help to maximise Quality Score and ad rank.
PPC Campaign Optimisation
Campaign optimisation
Launching a campaign is great, but it's what you do after it's launched that will truly dictate a campaign's success. Optimising keywords, ad text, bids, bidding strategies and budgets is what separates an OK Google Ads account from a great one.
Google Ads audits
Are your running a campaign that isn't producing the results you want? I carry out bespoke PPC audits that are designed to optimise your Google Ads spend.

Why should I manage your Google Ads campaigns?

  • In 2020 I renewed my Google Ads certification by successfully completing the required examinations
  • With over 9 years' experience I've worked with businesses of all sizes across a vast array of industries. 
  • No excessive agency fees, the percentage of spend billing model that I use is cheaper than the vast majority of PPC agencies. 
Freelance Google Ads Management

How much does Google Ads management cost?

Hiring JCS Digital to manage your Google Ads campaigns can be remarkably cost-effective.

My management fee is not based on a percentage of ad spend. Instead, the quote is tailored to your individual needs based on the hours I think it will take to manage the campaigns.

I take a number of factors into account when creating quotes for clients including;

  • the number of campaigns in an account
  • the number of ad groups per campaign,
  • the number of keywords
  • the size of the advertising budget
  • the location targeting

I do however have a minimum management fee of £250/month. This is the minimum amount that I charge to manage a Google Ads account.

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Whether you're launching a new campaign from scratch or need help optimising an existing campaign, let me help you to maximise your return on ad spend.